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Future Force™ can provide you with valuable business advice to assist with your strategic marketing, business planning, and economic and business development goals. MaryLea Balsley, CMC (Certified Management Consultant) and President has consulted for up to 300 clients a year, and owned 5 of her own companies since 1979. She combines this cumulative and up-to-date experience with her real-world experience and business instinct to help you build your company and confidence, giving your business a distinct edge over your competitors. She works with both the service providers to small businesses and the principals themselves and consistently receives rave reviews.

U.S. and International consulting clients span the globe and include both service and product based companies and technical and non-technical industries. Extensive background includes working with start-ups and established businesses, governments, economic development agencies, non-profits, business incubators, women's groups, and organizations of all types.

As an adventuress that has visited over 50 countries and a consummate risk-taker building 5 of her own companies and so many for others, she has gained the business wisdom and a wealth of knowledge to help you succeed. Her primary goal is to help clients make the right decisions, at the right time with the people and resources needed to create maximize profits while managing risk. She calls upon her extensive network of professionals to assist you when needed, and often team consults with great results.

"Your marketing skills are readily apparent. I feel that my business is taking on a new shape and feels more professional. You've helped me not only change my way of thinking, but also my way of approaching how I correspond and speak with my clients. My services are repositioned, and my web site enhanced so that those visiting know exactly where to go to meet their needs."
Patti Glick, RN
Foot Nurse

Ms. Balsley also has the reputation of building start-up companies and business incubators from the ground-up, as well as expanding the presence of international businesses into the United States. She has the unique ability to highly leverage limited resources within a given infrastructure.

"You have given the Women's Technology Cluster a solid start in uncertain circumstances — with humor, intelligence and passion."
Catherine Muther, Founder
Women's Technology Cluster (Incubator)

Clients faced with strategic decisions are often overwhelmed, paralyzed, or unsure about just how to proceed. This is why it is important to have someone with "neutral eyeballs" help you evaluate your options when you are so too intimately involved to make an objective decision. Business owners usually think they should just "KNOW all this," when there is no way they could, without having the depth of experience and a frame of reference. A trustworthy advisor familiar with your business can help you take a proactive approach to decision-making, making it easy to avoid costly errors and deadly detours. Wise business moves and incremental successes make it much easier to stay inspired, on task and on target.

Following consulting sessions, clients feel focused and motivated to get right to work on the suggestions and agreed-upon actions. She looks at the whole business and helps you to decide exactly what is right for you, right now. Each business needs a very specific strategy and not the confusing and overwhelming laundry list offered by "cookie cutter" marketing gurus. Through the consulting process you will gain the focus, clarity, and learn the specific actionable steps needed to get from where you are to where you want to go. Independent business owners often have limited resources but are entirely capable of achieving great results with MaryLea's expert guidance, wisdom and specific results-oriented tasks.

"Thanks for the specific tasks, recommendations and practical assignments that I can tackle with measurable outcomes. Just as important, you provide hope, energy, and enthusiasm to those of us that do not have the resources of a large corporation."
Sharon Prager, Owner
E-Concepts (PR/Community Affairs Consultant)

MaryLea quickly boils the most complex products and concepts down to basics so that you can better communicate your message.

"It was amazing how quickly you were able to grasp our sophisticated technologies, size up our situation, come up with a viable plan — it just shows how bright you really are."
Mike Golden, COO
Goldsworthy & Associates
(HI Tech R&D Company)

You will benefit by MaryLea's attention to detail, quick thinking, and creative ability to identify, recognize, create and leverage opportunities on your behalf. You will habitually find yourself becoming even more aware and capable of doing this for yourself.

"MaryLea helped me to fully explore every aspect of the feasibility of my proposed project. Now that I know the process, I feel fully capable of evaluating any potential business opportunity."
Janet Moranda
Lincoln Oaks (Wedding/Bed & Breakfast Venue)

The growth of your business acumen is always an intended outcome, as clients gain clarity and confidence in their own abilities. Ms. Balsley is probably the only consultant you will meet that gauges her success on how many clients she loses and although she is willing, able, and available to help, she understands that an entrepreneur should mature by expanding their capabilities. Many loyal clients continue to return year after year, always with new challenges and some with new companies, ideas and enterprises.

"I had worked and worked to JUSTIFY charging the customer a particular rate and STILL wasn't sure whether to go forward with it. Our conversation clarified all that and gave me the confidence to go after what I was really worth- thanks for getting me through another one of those tough business decisions!"
Marilyn Michelson, President
Business Communications Services

Her consulting style is honest, practical, very instructive and "real-world." Interactions are upbeat and clients are instilled with a "can-do" attitude.

"As a business and marketing consultant, you displayed the unique ability to transform elusive marketing theories and turn them into practical, common sense tools that applied specifically to my business."
Karen Sumi, Recruiter
Catalyst Consultants (Construction Industry)

"Your advice gave me the direction and focus I needed. I have met with numerous counselors, thus far you have been the most real and positive force I have come across."
Francesca Araneta
Axis Design Studio

Maintaining the dignity of the client and energizing them to have faith in their decisions and themselves is a significant part of the process and clients thrive in an environment of genuine mutual respect.

"I can't thank you enough for your efforts in facilitating the loan for me. You took it personally, with passion. It takes courage to believe in people and their dreams and I am indebted to you."
Patrick Dillman, Owner
(Music Rehearsal Studios)

Ms. Balsley understands that her consulting practice is built on relationships and referrals. As a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), she has taken a solemn oath to always put her clients' interests above hers and to hold all conversations in strict confidence.

"At no time did we feel that you had anything but our best interest in mind. Talk about Integrity! You could be the poster person."
Bob and Dorothea Deaver, Inventors

"Ms. Balsley deserves recognition for her excellent consulting and high moral character. She remains at the top of my list as the best and most productive business consultant out there."
Timothy Sprinkles, Executive Director
San Francisco SBDC
Small Business Development Center

Clients hire Future Force™ on an hourly, daily, monthly or project basis. Feel free to review the Future Force™ list of Sample Projects. Ms. Balsley welcomes your call or email to discuss the possibility of working together.

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