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Inventors Conference

Co-sponsor, event facilitator and consultant to non-profit doing first-time all day promotional and educational event for 100 inventors, featuring top-notch experts and complicated logistics.

Start-up Software Company

Coordinated resources, coached President on business priorities and development techniques that included research, advisory board building and the development and design of convincing presentations to investors.

International Manufacturer

Identified distribution channels and target markets. Established network and strategies for leveraging contacts into live leads in order to expand into U.S. market.

Medical Doctor

Prepared a networking plan for Dr. to integrate into medical and healing communities locally, format letter of introduction to clients, and negotiate contract terms with medical center Director.

Mobile Communications Integrator

Legal responsibilities including partnership agreement, insurance requirements, and protections needed to reduce liabilities. Reviewed and revised detailed responses to RFQ's and advised on procurement strategies.

Tax Auditor

Cleared up company positioning, image, target market and alliance strategy. Also worked on sales techniques and tools. Suggested revisions for more comprehensive service agreement.

Environmental Technology

Determined best way to leverage "bridge" loan for manufacturing product while preparing sales approach to interested buyers for intellectual property and/or partners in distribution channels.

Laser Toner Re-Manufacturer

Made recommendations on procurement strategies, line card revisions, and audited web site to "professionalize" it.


Revised service agreement and developed sales presentations and collaterals, repackaged and re-priced services.

Economic Development

Evaluated proposal of a foreign ministry. Advised clients on how to sell the concept in that country before engaging U.S. partners and pursuing necessary funding for large capital improvement project.

Ceramic Designer/Manufacturer

Determined legal protections needed, negotiation tactics, and licensing strategies.

Golf Club Designer

Determined best package design and features, test marketing, and video training tools. Also coached in negotiating with overseas manufacturer and potential investors, and protecting patent.

Dog Care Facility

Provided checklist and full instructions for client to leverage best lease where brokers and owners were not negotiating in good faith and how to identify and evaluate back-up alternative locations.

Towing Company

Developed complete sales presentation (verbal and written) for established company, based on new market positioning. Planned saturation of local niche market.

Foot Nurse

Scripted telephone follow-up and conversion plan for top potential clients. Perfected web site navigation, layout and content.

Furniture Store

Determined additional profit center that needed to be developed and a sales strategy for getting more business and money from existing clients.

Satellite Imaging

Came up with a plan to commercialize technology previously restricted to the military and a way for partners to "spin off" as operation was developed and contracts secured through the development of fresh sales techniques and presentations.

HR Consultants

Developed strategic alliance plan, focused positioning and image, perfected target market and distribution of roles and responsibilities.

Electrical Contractor

Evaluated prices, profits and expenses to determine efficiencies needed to maximize income and prepare for family succession. Identified resources to create infrastructure needed to facilitate company growth.


Self-Published Author

Revised sales approach, process and collaterals to re-introduce 2nd revised edition of book and expand into the mainstream marketplace.

Potential Franchise Owner

Evaluated franchise opportunity vs. available resources and provided other more viable options than originally under consideration.

Emergency Training and Products

Complete evaluation of company priorities and infrastructure to gain new investors and clients. Developed sales strategy and tools to unload existing inventory in order to bootstrap continued operations.
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