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MaryLea Balsley, CMC of Future Force™ and NSA member is a professional speaker that delivers presentations and programs that are highly engaging, informative and memorable. Titles and content are timely and offer unique perspectives that intrigue and involve the audience. Her on-going education, extensive business experience, interactions, observations and lessons learned over many years have all contributed to her ability to help you take deliberate control of your business future, business communications and environment. Associations, corporations, governments, educational institutions, economic development agencies, women's groups, and organizations of all types hire Ms. Balsley to inform, persuade, educate and entertain their audience of members, clients, students and employees.

MaryLea has devoted her career to educating and inspiring entrepreneurs, sharing the promise of "self-sufficiency through self-employment." She has also trained thousands of grateful entrepreneurs since 1987 and many devotedly come back to hear her time after time.

"With my hectic schedule, I didn't think I could tolerate a semester-long class. After participating in three of your classes, I found I wanted more — but only if YOU were the instructor."
Marty Wilde, Business Student

"Although I've heard you many times, there is always something new to learn from you."
Sheila Hodgkinson, President
American Institute of Architects

Upbeat, down-to-earth, optimistic, sarcastic and irreverent, she keeps the audience guessing ……and listening, actively. International audiences find this unusual combination even more compelling.

"Your classes are excellent, your energy contagious."
Paul Silvas, Business Student

"Your classes motivated me and have given me the tools to finally start my business — I just wish I had done this earlier in my life."
Stephanie Allen, Entrepreneur

"Your presentation was both enlightening and entertaining… full of useful, empowering information."
Lisa Streeter, Program Chair
Women in International Trade

"Ms. Balsley's talk was especially impressive because it was so upbeat and optimistic when many business owner are crying the blues. She told us what the tools were and how to get them to stop whining and start winning!"
Carole Elliott, IBD, President
Elliot Design Associates

Lively, intriguing presentations keep the audience motivated and "on their toes" as they delight in the unexpected.

"You have a real flair for bringing what could be dull subject matter to life with your examples, life histories, and anecdotes."
Lynn Gross-Cerf, President
Organization and More

"You do an excellent job of dispensing information and holding people's attention."
Priscilla Heck, Business Student

Her customized presentations and audience participants have been thoroughly researched to make sure the message is the perfect match.

"Thanks for speaking to the American Marketing Association, the audience loved you, and you delivered exactly what they came to hear."
Mark Emanuelson, Program Manager
Adaptec, Inc.

"I was impressed by your ability to focus on the needs and interests of our population (prison inmates). You've made it possible for them to look at their own skills and ambitions in a different way. Thanks for sharing your very special talent with us."
Judith Perlite, Assistant Principal
Elmwood Men's Facility

"I was personally so pleased with the way your presentation was tailored to fit the specific needs and interests of the group. Your knowledge and realistic approach was appreciated by all. One small clue was the group of inventors who followed you to the parking lot (to hear more)."
Martha Regan, Co-President
Inventor's New Venture Alliance

For those that "want it all and want it now", they will appreciate the content-rich programs that make excellent use of a busy person's time.

"How you manage to condense 18 hours of top-flight material into one 4-hour hour workshop is still a source of amazement to us all. Those who attended positively commented on your dynamic, high-energy style of delivery and your in-depth knowledge of subject matter — the most pragmatic and useful training we offered."
William Normark, Chief Geologist
United States Department of the Interior

For those audience members that want "just the facts", they will get their needs met too.

"MaryLea knows her material, can grab the audience's attention, and transform knowledge into very compelling, proven, and practical ideas."
Karen Csejtey, Executive Director
Women's Entrepreneur Program

"I'm taking and will continue to take a better approach to my business thanks to your hard-hitting, "nuts-and-bolts" approach."
Mark Stofer, President
Total Dedication Advertising Specialties

"I came away from your talk with specific concepts to work a little smarter."
Marian Balster, REA, REHS
Environmental Management Network

Global entrepreneurs want to connect, relate, communicate, and hear the messages that resonate strongly with them, regardless of geography.

"Thank you for the wonderful presentation. I was in the back row and you caught me nodding affirmatively at all your information — I could relate to all you were saying."
Rose Gabriele, SBS

"I want to express my admiration for all you do and the way you do business all over the world. I think you have a special talent."
Giselle Asmus
Argentinean Entrepreneur

And there are always those that "need to know, what they need to know".

"I was especially impressed with your insights in the area of psycho-graphic analysis, market niche, and the importance of distribution channels."
Fuji Yamachu, President
Yamachu, Inc.

Even when the performance is over, there is still the exceptional value-add of shared resources to assist the audience in following up with areas of interest and necessity. Ms. Balsley also has an extensive network of experts, available to assist her clients. She is familiar with a wide range of low-cost and no cost business resources, in addition to strategies, tips and techniques for getting useful information and using it most effectively.

"What a dynamic presentation to our minority and women-owned businesses — I am eager to learn more about what you have to offer."
Linda Kimball, Economic Development Officer
City of San Jose, Office of Economic Development

"Thanks for sharing all you resources with us — you are a wealth of information and support."

Mary Stabelfield, President and Todd Levy, V.P.
Event Connections, LLC

"The terror is beginning to make itself known but the classes you teach, your instructors, and the resources you share give me a great hope for success."
Chris Kohler, Future Entrepreneur

Meeting planners, business owners, community and economic development organizations and agency representatives hire Ms. Balsley for keynotes, break-out sessions, workshops, trainings, facilitations, funding and sales presentations whenever they want a guaranteed high-impact event.

"Very positive feedback from your audience — I would not hesitate giving your name your name out to anyone inquiring about your services."
Carol Feuerstein, Executive Director
South San Francisco Chamber of Commerce

Feel free to review the list of Audiences and Presentation Topics offered by Future Force™. Ms. Balsley welcomes your call or email to discuss the possibility of working together.

Por favor cuenten conmigo como un valioso recurso aquí en los Estados Unidos y haganme saber como puedo contribuir al exito de sus proyectos de desarrollo económico, ya sea de naturaleza público o privado. Por favor, dirijasea mis “Sample Projects
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