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General Presentation Topics

How to Sell What Your Customer is Buying ©

(Great for anyone in sales/marketing!)
Discover new ways of thinking about your market, your clients and yourself. To excel in this business environment you must have excellent communication and networking skills as well the ability to effectively position yourself in the marketplace! Put marketing strategies to work that help you initiate and maintain relationships with the right people, add value in the eyes of your employer and clients, and make more happen- more often!

Exploring Entrepreneurism ©

(Excellent for those considering self-employment!)
Whether you're a born entrepreneur, a potential "defector" from corporate life, or uncertain about your career security-you should hear this. You will get a "reality check" on what it takes to be self-employed as well as sources of information that can help you to determine if this is the right lifestyle for you.

What the World Needs Now…
When Times Are Tough and Don't Have to Be ©

(For business owners in need of a change!)
An upbeat presentation that encourages the small business owner to be creative and constructive in their use of time and resources, and gives them excellent suggestions for surviving and prospering during tough times.

Low Cost/No Cost Business Information Resources ©

(Ideal for start-ups, potential start-ups and "grown-up" companies that need to do some homework!)
An excellent review of the wealth of resources available to help you start, build, or expand your business. Explores when, why and how to best utilize handy resources that include library data, databases, trade shows, publications, government programs, newsgroups, professional and business associations and networking opportunities. Includes how to ask the right person, the right question the right way and how to translate and keep track of data.

The Kiss of Death:
10 Deadly Business Decisions to Avoid ©

(For business decision-makers!)
Mistaken assumptions and misinformation have been the downfall of many promising companies. History need not repeat itself basic rules of research and planning foster intelligent expansion goals while the clever use of time and money will give you the competitive edge you need to excel.

Motivation Without Money ©

(Perfect for growing businesses!)
Perfect for any business that wishes it could pay employees what they're worth! Features proven and creative examples of ways to get what you need accomplished with the willing assistance of others and various compensation strategies. Includes when you know you need help, what type of person and how to develop your own unique business culture.

Alternative Financing ©

(Ideal for business decision-makers!)
More money is not always the answer for a small business, but cash flow is critical! Creative cash management and the ability to leverage existing resources are the keys to survival and success. Discover how to position your company so that your entire network is doing what they can to facilitate your needs. Find out how many ways there are to make 'money' appear when you need it most.

Picking a "Hot" Spot ©

(For anyone determining their physical base of operation!)
Everyone has a different 'ideal' business location. This could be the most important (and most expensive) decision of your life. Strategies for negotiating a 'smart' lease are discussed and real estate 'lingo' demystified. You will get the information you need to complete a constructive investigation, evaluation and selection of the location – the one most suitable for your business.

Communications Topics

Speak Up & Succeed ©

(For anyone that wants to, or has to, speak better and more often!)
Presentation skills are in demand more than ever. Individuals can get ahead fast by using this valuable tool effectively. Marketing yourself and your topics, overcoming 'stage fright', speech preparation, planning, organization, design and delivery skills are covered. Attendees will learn the art of introductions, tips for successful meetings and how to speak with confidence in a variety of situations.

Control Your Destiny
with Strong Survival Skills ©

(Great for any business person - also done in 8-hr. workshop format for women only!)
Discover effective communications skills and strategies that will get you the credibility and money you deserve! Find out what techniques are available to help you protect your interests and advance your career. Prepare yourself for the future by learning what you need to know about workplace realities: effective networking, self-esteem issues, career development, ethics/etiquette, leadership skills, and self-advancement techniques.


Special Topics (for distinct audiences)

Where in the World do I Fit In?
Marketing Challenges in a Global Economy ©

(Best for those wishing to create/take advantage of opportunities in the global marketplace!)
Presents strategies for marketing yourself and your company internationally. Create opportunities in self-employment or with current and future employers. Understanding your role as an international businessperson, and the importance of communications, resources and creative marketing. Having a plan you can sell to get the support you need to market your interests internationally.

Selling for the Self-Employed ©

(For product/service providers targeting the self-employed as customers/clients!)
Find out what the 'hot buttons' are for entrepreneurs. You should not ignore this fast-growing market. Discover their purchasing priorities and the best way to get their 'buy in'. Once you understand how they think, how to approach them, where to locate them, and what influences their buying behavior you can get their attention (and their money).

If I Build a Better Mouse Trap...©

(Perfect for inventors!)
No one will know or care UNLESS you learn to use intelligent marketing strategies and to leverage available resources. Don't let your precious talent go to waste! Learn what others have done right and wrong and why it's important to understand the relationship between distribution channels and pricing. Define your goals and discover the options available to help you 'get your products and ideas where they need to go'. Find ways to get your "creations" into the hands of the right customer ones that can afford them and appreciate them!

Public Elations ©

(Invaluable for those fulfilling public, community, and media relations efforts including special event coordination!)
There is an art to generating positive press and community support. There are definite 'do's' and 'taboos', and what you don't know, can hurt you. The most successful efforts include research, planning, preparation and on-going relationship- building. See how easy (and important) it is to make others look good while they willingly contribute to your overall outreach campaign.

Turn That Town Around:
Improving your Downtown Economy ©

(For economic development specialists and
community activists!)

This presentation provides strategies on how to motivate your constituents to take responsibility and credit for transforming their downtown. To involve individuals in this process, you must provide the information, tools, and training necessary to accomplish common goals. Learn methods for building and harnessing the power of your organization to improve customer, employee, media, and community perceptions and relationships.

Home Suite Home ©

(Good information for home-based or potentially home-based business owners!)
An increasingly popular and intelligent option, working from home can improve your lifestyle and your bottom line. Learn the tools you need to function as efficiently and more profitably than ever before. Once certain obstacles are overcome, you can learn to manage your environment with skill and insight.


Other Topics

Life's Too Short for Sour Grapes ©
Value-Added Manager/Employer ©
How to Make It, Fake It, and Take It ©

Por favor cuenten conmigo como un valioso recurso aquí en los Estados Unidos y haganme saber como puedo contribuir al exito de sus proyectos de desarrollo económico, ya sea de naturaleza público o privado. Por favor, dirijasea mis “Sample Projects
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